Hey, I'm DeAndra

Designer at heart, lover of chai tea, recovering perfectionist and your new creative business BFF.

Slow mornings of gratitude and meditation. Freedom to live life on my terms while growing successful creative businesses I love while making an impact on others along the way. 

my story

My business didn’t always look like this though — I struggled to grow my business due to limited resources and fear of failure.

In 2014, I began my entrepreneurial journey while working as an HR Manager by day and pursuing dream to be my own boss by night. Faced with numerous limitations, I doubted if I'd ever overcome them. I empathize with the challenges of navigating obstacles and fearing failure while building a business.

Everything changed when I recognized the importance of crafting a clear vision and roadmap, illuminating the path forward.

In 2016, after being laid off and countless dead-end Google searches, I created a business plan and invested in the right resources. By 2017, my creative luxury balloon business, Party Shop Avenue, was ready to launch. Trying to navigate everything solo prolonged the process unnecessarily. 

That's why I transitioned into a business mentor and educator for creatives like you. I want you to feel seen and guided toward growing a successful business the right way. After one year in business, I scaled it to a six-figure enterprise, thanks to the foundational practices I had put in place.

AND NOW IT’S MY MISSION TO Empower and HELP YOU build a creative business you love.

I believe in

Starting Before You’re Ready // Afternoon Naps // Kindness, Always // Creating Just For Fun //
 Courageous Conversations //
Getting Paid to do what you love


Became a Wedding Planner and Floral Designer while working full-time in corporate


I got laid off from job and decided to never allow anyone to have that much power of me so I decided to become my own boss!


I launch my bespoke balloon business party shop avenue and scaled it to six-figures in a year.

this is when it all started to change


I was flown out to NYC to design for Ipsy's Creators day, best weekend of my life! 


I launched my first blog on my 30th birthday during the pandemic after years of putting it off. One of the best things I ever did! 

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I decided I wanted to turn my blog into a online business to help creatives with resources to grow their businesses.


Launched my Youtube Channel, first online course and coaching business. 


Launched Creative On The Grind Podcast! I finally achieved a goal i've been wanting for a long time. 

what a year!


Story is still being written.

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My journey

A look back on the past decade that brought me to where I am today.


01 // GO-to drink

Spicy margarita!

02 // Fav way to spend a weekend

A bottomless mimosa and brunch 


Prayer and meditation

04 // One day I want to

Be on a Billboard in timesqaure

05 // I live by the mantra

Do it scared

06 // Can’t leave the house without

My dog, Nyla!



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