Designer at heart, lover of chai tea, recovering perfectionist and your new creative business BFF.

Experiencing the freedom to lead and earn from doing what I love fulfills my life, achieved by taking a leap and believing in myself.

my story

My business didn’t always look like this though — I used to struggle too, lack of clarity, no clear path while feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled. 

Deeply aware of a profound life purpose, I grappled with finding it. The 2016 layoff from my 9-5 left me adrift, feeling desperate and uncertain about my next steps. Taking a leap of faith, I established Party Shop Avenue, my creative business in 2017. Looking back, I realize the significance of having the right guiding support throughout that journey.

Everything changed for me when I when I finally realized I need to create a strategy and gain clarity on what I wanted my life to look like. 

Picture this: I craved waking up and diving into work that set my soul on fire. Pinning down my ideal client and crafting a killer business strategy, complete with adaptable systems, transformed my entire life.

Trust me, business isn't a maze when you've got a roadmap. It's only tough when you're lost without a clue which way to turn.

And now it’s my mission to help you scale the business of your dreams too.

I believe in

Starting before you're fully prepared and embrace the journey as it unfolds. You'll never discover if you don't take that leap. 


Became a Wedding Planner and Floral Designer while working full-time in corporate


I got laid off from job and decided to never allow anyone to have that much power of me so I decided to become my own boss!


I launch my bespoke balloon business party shop avenue and scaled it to six-figures in a year.

this is when it all started to change


I was flown out to NYC to design for Ipsy's Creators day, best weekend of my life! 


I launched my first blog on my 30th birthday during the pandemic after years of putting it off. One of the best things I ever did! 

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After COVID, I had to a vision of doing more and helping the community learn more about business education. 


Launched my Youtube Channel, first online course and coaching business. 


Launched Creative On The Grind Podcast! I finally achieved a goal i've been wanting for a long time. 

what a year!


Trusting in God and allowing things to unfold as they may! 

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My journey

A look back on the past decade that brought me to where I am today.


01 // GO-to drink

Spicy margarita!

02 // Fav way to spend a weekend

A bottomless mimosa and brunch 


Prayer and meditation

04 // One day I want to

Be on a Billboard in timesqaure

05 // I live by the mantra

Do it scared

06 // Can’t leave the house without

My dog, Nyla!

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