You’re a aspiring balloon designer who is dreaming of start your own balloon business. 


let me guess...

You're Frustrated  Because… 

You’ve been watching endless YouTube videos, but it’s just not clicking 

You’re seeing other balloon designers hit major milestones and wondering what you’re missing. 

You’re struggling with the highs and lows and can’t figure out how to turn your dreams into reality. 

You don’t feel like you are doing all the right things, but it’s not…

I get it.

Take it from me

I’ve been in the exact same place where you are right now.

I remember feeling lost on where to start. This is why I came up with this course to help aspiring balloon designers start their businesses of on the right track. 

Feeling unsure of your next steps can be so frustrating 
Aspiring balloon designers always ask how I scaled my balloon business as a one-woman show. 
My process is simple along with the systems and processes to help elevate your business and run it like a pro. 

ready to turn your dream into a reality?

"This a great course for any beginner that is afraid to start! Provides a great list of items, wholesalers, flowers, etc. Great course! No regrets"



The Beyond the balloons course

A 4-week self-study online course for early-stage balloon designer who wants to start and grow their balloon businesses with the revenue to match. 

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Want to peek inside?

Here's what you'll be learning:

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Module 01 //

Balloon Basics 

  • Learn why balloons matter in artistry.
  • Get an overview of the balloon industry.
  • Find reliable sources to buy balloons.
  • Know the essential tools for balloon art.
  • Explore different balloon types and sizes.


Module 02 //

Balloon Design

  • Practice tying balloons accurately.
  • Securely attach balloons in various ways.
  • Add greens and dried flowers for unique designs.
  • Build stunning balloon arches and walls.
  • Use Canva for better design visualization.


Module 03 //

Branding and Business Setup

  • Understand branding's importance.
  • Connect with your audience through branding.
  • Create a business plan for success.
  • Make your business official and compliant.
  • Price your balloon art services effectively.
  • Recognize your value in the industry.


Module 04 //

Workflow and Marketing Strategies

  • Organize your business for efficiency.
  • Manage contracts using Honeybook.
  • Create a website using Squarespace.
  • Craft effective client communication via emails.
  • Enhance customer service techniques.
  • Use Instagram Reels and Pinterest for marketing.
  • Learn Lightroom for appealing visuals.
  • Grow your business through styled shoots and vendor relationships.

At the end of our 4-week course together, you’ll walk away with:


Confidence in Business: Learn the ropes of starting and managing your balloon business effortlessly. From registration to pricing, gain the skills to build a professional and thriving venture aligned with your passion.


Creative Mastery: Elevate your balloon artistry! Prerecorded tutorials to create stunning designs like garlands and walls with floral touches, setting yourself apart with unique creativity.


Balloon Basics: Get a strong foundation in balloon essentials - types, tools, and techniques - ensuring you start strong in crafting captivating designs.


Brand Identity: Discover your brand's essence, know your audience, and create a strategic plan that makes your business unforgettable.


Efficient Workflow & Marketing: Streamline your workflow and marketing efforts. Learn to use social media effectively, manage contracts, and utilize trendy techniques to engage your audience.


Hands-On Tools: Practical experience with platforms like Trello, Squarespace, Canva, Honeybook, and Lightroom ensures immediate application in growing your business.

Dream with me for a moment

Imagine How great it would feel to...

Create more hours in the day for the things in life that are truly important to you

You'll grasp all the essentials to run a successful balloon art business.

Get a clear plan to launch your business quicker without common mistakes.

Gain confidence in your skills and make valuable connections in the industry for support and collaboration.

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"DeAndra is a GEM and I love how she laid everything out so I can setup my business the right way!"

Such a great course! I was nervous to start my balloon business because I didn't know where to start.


It’s time to stop holding yourself back from your full potential

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"I loved how it covered all facets of starting a balloon business."

From the creative side to the business side, DeAndra gives you a behind-the-scenes look into it. I learned so much, and I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is thinking about starting their professional balloon artist journey.


"The Beyond The Balloon Course was a game changer for me."

It provided clear and concise strategies to help my balloon business. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to start a balloon business.


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Meet your Coach

Hi, I’m DeAndra, and I’m passionate about helping creatives start and grow their businesses 

In 2020 I was featured in Qualatex Balloon Designer Showcase which was an honor to be acknowledge for my balloon designs. 

I’ve been flown to New York to work for IPSY to design their creator day while having my balloons showcased on Good Morning America. I’ve worked with countless Brands and Celebrities such as, Netflix, Fashion Nova, Guess, Boohoo, Whitefox, Colourpop, T3, TikTok, Youtube, Draymon Green, Kyrie Irving, Labron James, Joie Chavis, Makeup by Shayla, Tae Hackard and more! 

This business had been a dream and I’m going to teach you the strategies I wish I knew when I first started. 

you're in the right place

This could be the year you finally become your own boss!

This course was created for *you*

This will be perfect for you if

- You are an aspiring balloon designer ready to start a successful balloon business. 
- You’re unsure where to start, so you’re looking for an actionable solution. 
- You’re ready to commit to becoming a balloon designer. 

It probably won’t be a good fit if

- You want a great rich quick fix 
- You’re not willing to put in the work to make your business a success

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Stop settling for less than you deserve and freedom slow mornings build a life you can’t wait to wake up to. Your own wild success story heart-centered rule-breaker you’re not ‘most’ people.

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