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It’s time to go from overlooked to fully booked.

It's time to get organized and craft a winning strategy that lets your dream clients discover you, paving the way for the life you've always dreamed of.

You’re in the perfect place if you want to...

Create a life + biz that supports *you*

Finally book consistent clients

Be seen as an expert in your niche

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My Services

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Business Consulting

Think of my business consulting service as your secret weapon against chaos and confusion. I'm here to sprinkle a little magic, a dash of strategy, and a whole lot of success into your entrepreneurial journey

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1:1 Coaching

My business coaching program, where we turn your 'What ifs' into 'What's next.' I'm your co-pilot on this journey to success, armed with strategies, laughs, and a bit of 'You've got this!

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Business Consulting
(90 mins)

This program is designed for aspiring and existing creative entrepreneurs seeking business consulting services. Tailored for those craving transformation and progress, it aims to unleash their potential and elevate their business acumen to new heights.


Personalized business consulting session.

Tailored strategic roadmap development.

Actionable insights and steps for immediate implementation.

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Investment $350

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1:1 Business Coaching

This 6-week business coaching program caters to creative entrepreneurs seeking a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to cover all facets of their creative businesses. It aims to transform their understanding and proficiency across multiple business dimensions, facilitating a holistic growth journey.


Tailored coaching sessions spanning 6 weeks.

In-depth coverage of various business domains within the creative industry.

Customized action plans for immediate implementation.

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investment $2500

How it works


 Schedule a
Connection Call

Let's set the stage! This call is where we'll unravel the magic. Get ready to discuss your dreams and goals; it's the starting line to sculpt your business's shining future!


Let's Get Clear on What You Need

Here's where the rubber meets the road. Dive into the nitty-gritty details, desires, and your wish list. Together, we'll craft the tailor-made plan to ignite your business to stardom.


Celebrate Your New Found Journey to Success

Pop the confetti! It's time to celebrate! Your personalized roadmap is ready. Embrace the thrill of embarking on this newfound journey to greatness!

"I absolutely loved and appreciated the help I received from DeAndra to grow my business!"

She helped me organize all of the admin tasks for my beauty business, from client contracts to payments by recommending a great CRM system and helping me navigate the platform to understand it and use it effectively.Because of her I’ve been able to show up even more professional in my beauty business, my clientele has grown exponentially, and I’m no longer overwhelmed with the backend operations of my business.

- Tiesha
 Tiesha williams beauty

" She is a generous teacher, inspiring entrepreneur, creative genius and just a truly wonderful human."

So when we decided to start offering in-house balloons, I knew she would be the perfect person to consult and help us launch our balloon program. She came out to the venue and trained my staff not only on the fundamentals of balloon styling (and no, you cannot learn her trademark organic styling techniques from random YouTube tutorials… TRUST); but beyond that she is truly an artist and empowered my staff to be bold and bring their own unique style to their balloon designs. She is a generous teacher, inspiring entrepreneur, creative genius and just a truly wonderful human. We can’t recommend her enough!

- Krystal
violet cactus venue

"DeAndra is a true gem and I cannot thank her enough for all the time spent in helping me launch my creative business."

Starting a business can feel overwhelming when you are in it alone but having DeAndra by my side as I began my journey was instrumental in helping me overcome obstacles. She was a wonderful mentor, cheerleader and sounding board. Her coaching program and step by step approach not only gave me the tools to launch a profitable business, but more importantly it gave me the confidence I needed to turn my dream into a reality.

- Erica
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