Are you finding it overwhelming to build a website? Have you spent countless hours working on various website components without seeing the bigger picture? These challenges are familiar to our target market, who strive to achieve the ultimate goal of a functional and successful website.

The Website Planner is your solution to simplify the complex task of creating a website. We guide you through each step, enabling you to break down the process into manageable segments. Take the first step towards a remarkable online presence.

What you will accomplish with this workbook:

Website Workbook

  • Fundamental elements to kickstart your site construction.
  • Define clear and achievable objectives for your online platform.
  • Plan and manage your budget allocation for the website project.
  • Strategize and organize your website's textual and visual content.
  • Create a structured and effective sitemap for navigation.
  • Implement strategies for improved search engine visibility.
  • Plan and conceptualize the overall design aesthetics.
  • Strategize and structure the primary landing page.
  • Custom planners for these crucial pages.
  • Tailored planners for varied page types.
  • Organize and integrate essential systems for a seamless website.
  • Keep track of important contacts for your website.

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31-Pages Of PDF Files 
Available in US Letter and A4 sizes
Optimized for Double sided printing
Instant download after purchase!

PLEASE NOTE: You will receive an INSTANT DOWNLOAD of this PDF planner, no physical copy will be shipped.