10 Ways to Be More Creative

By DeAndra Jalisa

August 19, 2020

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When it comes to finding your creativity, it could become a frustrating task. In today’s society, you see creativity everywhere. Some of us are creative by nature and some if not most of us don’t know where to start. There are so many ways to be more creative, you just have to dig deep and find what brings it out. I’ve always been a creative person, I just didn’t know how I wanted to channel my creative energy. I tried going to college but I soon found out it was not for me. I then started to try out new hobbies and tasks and that’s when the creativity started to flow and the rest is history.

Creativity is a muscle, we use the right side of our brains to create, and the left is used to think and tackle logistics. Therefore, since creativity is a muscle, you need to exercise it whenever you can. Which will give you insight, intuition, and obviously that creative juice. So many people ask me, “how are you so creative?” and I reply with, “I apply myself and try new things” THAT’S IT! EVERYONE (yes, you) has a creative side; you just have to figure out how to channel it. There are serval ways to be more creative right at your fingertips, but are you willing to step outside the box and try?

Ready to get creative?

If I can be candid with you, being creative has changed my life. I’m self-employed, have a fantastic innovative business, and growing a few more in the process. I’m living the life I once dreamed of, and I’m my own boss. Trust me this is possible for you. If you’re ready to challenge yourself, here are my ten ways to be more creative.

#1: Start Daydreaming

I love daydreaming; it takes my to mind away just for a moment to fantasize about the new possibilities I want in my life. Daydreaming is a great creativity booster you can do every day. Dream up your future and manifest want you to want; trust me, it works!

#2: Take a creative course

There are so many online courses out there that can help you be more creative. One of my favorite platforms is Skillshare; they have hundreds of courses for just about everything. If you want to brush up on your photoshop skills, learn photography, or elevate your calligraphy skills, Skillshare has it all.

#3: Start writing out your thoughts

Did you know journaling is a form of creativity? Writing down your thoughts and feelings brings out ideas that will blow your mind. My outlet is blogging and helping others with my words, but I do turn to my journal to help me release other ideas.

Check out this Gratitude Journal I purchased from Amazon, it’s fun, and you learn a lot about yourself.

#4: Travel to other places

Traveling is one of the best things money could buy. When you visit other places, you learn and experience so many new things. Once I was on vacation and thought of an entirely new business venture from cross brainstorming ideas with people I met on my journey. I swear you never know where your next big idea will come from. Traveling truly makes you richer.

#5: Connect with creative people

I believe having a creative circle is an essential way to be more creative. When you have creative friends around you, the sky is the limit. Ideas start flowing, and you feel like you have a mission or purpose in life. Also, bouncing your ideas off people close to you will help you elevate the idea into something more significant.

A quick tip: Be careful who you share your ideas with, make sure you trust them, and have the best intentions at heart.

#6: Listen to music while you work

Now I feel like this is a given, but listening to music does something to your soul. When I have my music blasting when I’m creating, I feel like I’m on cloud nine. Music is motivating and empowering, create a dope playlist, and get to work.

#7: Learn a new language

Learning a new language can be challenging, which is a good thing. When you learn a new language, you expand your knowledge. Being bilingual can help you learn about many new resources and cultures. This could lead to more creative outlets and ideas.

#8: Read

Reading is one of the best teachers, learning and escaping from the world for a few hours will help you be more creative. Find books that spark your creativity so you can exercise the right side of your brain and get the creative juices flowing.

Here are a few books I purchased from amazon to help me boost up my creativity.

#9: Be more curious

Start with being curious about everything that intrigues you. Ask questions, research, converse, do whatever you can to learn about the topic at hand. Learning and investigating bring out creativity, which can help you with other ventures in the future.

#10: Balance and Organize you life

Bring balance to the chaos! When you have so many things going on or a cluttered headspace, it will outshine your creativity. All you will think about is your mess and not the value you can add to your life. Take the time to write things out and organize your mind, so you have time to create.

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