Amazon Travel Essentials for your Next Vacation

By DeAndra Jalisa

August 7, 2020

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Are you starting to think about planning a vacation? When planning trips one thing I think we tend to overlook is our travel essentials. I honestly believe this should be a priority for traveling. Travel Essentials makes life easier while traveling, so we don’t have to spend extra money on our trip. When I went on my last trip to Dallas, I purchased all of my travel essentials from Amazon. I had everything I needed and did not have to make one stop at the store because I came prepared.

So, therefore, I want to help you out with my top Amazon Travel Essentials for your next vacation. A little preplanning doesn’t hurt – manifest your next dream vacation.

Travel Essentials

What are the Essentials when traveling?

Figuring out what travel essentials you need to bring should be based on where you’re going. Do research on things like the weather, so you know what type of attire you need, or maybe the country you’re going to have different outlets, so you may need an adapter. Whatever it is, make sure you have everything you need. Here is a quick list to get you started.

1.Toiletry Bag

When traveling, make you have the ultimate toiletry bag. I try to find bags with multiple departments so I can fit everything in one spot.

Travel Essentials

2. Flask Water Bottle

Carrying a water bottle is definitely a travel essential. I always bring an empty bottle with me and fill it up after the TSA check. Keeps your hydrated and Saves money.

3. Travel Pillow

Sleeping on the plane can be a pain. Make sure you get a comfy travel pillow to keep your neck in check!

4. Packing Cubes

Organize all of your clothes to make outfit changes simple and easy. I love using packing cubes, so I know exactly where everything is.

5. Travel Wallet

Always make sure you bring a travel wallet vs. your everyday wallet. When traveling, you only need two credit cards and an ID. It helps so you don’t lose anything important.

6. Passport Holder

I love my rose gold passport holder. It’s chic and functional, and I can keep all of the essential items in one place. I always keep your passport in a safe place in your hotel room.

travel essentials

7. Sleep Mask

It could be hard to fall asleep on the plane. Pack a sleeping mask to make your flight a little smoother.

travel essentials

8. Headphones

Block out the noise and zone to some music. These headphones are fabulous, and the sound is phenomenal.

9. Portable Charger

Don’t forget your portable chargers. I bring two backups on my trips. When taking photos; your battery dies extremely fast. Always, have a backup.

travel essentials

10. Camera – Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III

The Canon Powershot is one of the best quality vlogging cameras. I have the Mark II, but the Mark III just came out. It’s a $200 price difference, so purchase what fits in your budget.

11. Lock

Keep your luggage safe with these TSA-approved locks while traveling. We want to keep our valuables safe.

travel essentials

12. Carry-on

The perfect carry-on for your next trip, this is the perfect carry-on and has so much room for your personal items.

travel essentials

Common things we forget to pack

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