How a Positive Mindset Can Help You Succeed in Business

By DeAndra Jalisa

July 16, 2021

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As a business owner, there have been times when I could be hard on myself. When you have a business, you want everything to be perfect, every detail to be right, but it doesn’t work like that. Things will not always go as planned. I have had to learn how to keep a positive mindset to succeed. I know that being more positive in my daily routine has helped my business grow tremendously. 

If you’re a business owner or have aspirations to become an entrepreneur, you’re in the right place. I’ve learned that if you want to have a successful, thriving business, it all starts with you. The way you think about yourself will show up in your business and environment. There should be no room for negativity. Negativity can take the wheel and create a downhill spiral if you don’t take the time to nurture yourself. I’m no therapist, but I have experienced the good and bad of having a business. I’ve noticed when I began to be more positive, my entire business and life changed for the better. Here are a few tips on how to have a positive mindset as a business owner. 

Why is positive thinking important in business?

Positive thinking can get you through some dark times. When you start a business, you will have many ups and downs that you will have to overcome. Having the ability to change your perspective and positively look at things will help you through them easier. If you always have a “why me” mindset, things will never change. Being positive is key to bringing you more joy and happiness, which will generate more income and financial stability.

How to be positive? 

When you can find the good in a bad situation, you start to become more of a positive person. The ability to shift your mindset to be more optimistic will take you a long way. I know this can be a hard task, but it’s worth it. There will be times you want to give up, but if you dig deep and find your power of optimism, you can go the distance.

Another way to be positive is to keep positive people around you. If you surround yourself with people who doubt you or even have their own self-doubt, it won’t do anything but bring you down. As a entrepreneur, you will be on a continuous emotional roller coaster. And you will need people to push you to your goals, no Debbie Downers. 

5 Tips to improve your happiness.

Tip #1: Do things that make you happy 

There are so many things you can do to make yourself happy. If you don’t know what those things are, take some time to figure it out. For example, I love blogging and sharing my knowledge with others. It makes me feel good knowing I’m helping people. If you enjoy roller skating, boxing, working out, or even volunteering, DO IT!!! Do what makes you happy because it will only make you a better person.

Tip #2: Challenge yourself 

The only way you will become better at something is to challenge yourself to be better. If you aren’t a happy person, challenge yourself every day to take steps to be the person you want to be. Challenges will always be on your business journey. So learning how to overcome small obstacles will help you in the future. 

Tip #3: Help Others in Need 

When you have a heart of gold and mix it with humility, you will make the world a better place. Helping others feeds the soul, and it’s one of the best acts of kindness. There are so many people in the world who need positive and kind people like us to help them. When you do at least one act of kindness a day, your heart will be so full. 

Tip #4: Always find the good In the situation 

Finding the good in a situation can be hard, but I believe everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we don’t understand why things happen, but that’s the beauty of it. We need to expect the circumstances and move on because pondering the situation won’t change it.

Tip #5: Handle Criticism

When you learn how to handle criticism, you will be able to conquer the world. Everyone will have their own opinions, and you have to learn how to listen, process, and reflect on the situation before you engage. I honestly don’t think people want to be negative purposely. It just happens. It’s human nature to speak from your own perspective, which can come off wrong to someone else. Listening to what someone has to say and choosing your battles will keep you on a positive journey.

In conclusion, I’ve had to deal with many situations as a business owner, but it has only made me a better person. I love meeting new people and boosting them up so they can get to the next level. It’s such an amazing feeling seeing others grow and become the best versions of themselves. Have purpose as a business owner, and give back when you can. There are still good people out there, so keep spreading that positive energy we all need. 

Xo DeAndra Jalisa

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