6 Travel Apps That Will Help You Travel Smarter

By DeAndra Jalisa

June 18, 2021

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When it comes to travel, we may need a little assistance to get things organized. Over the years, I found that I book the best trips through travel apps. I wanted to share some of my favorite travel apps to help you plan and save money on your future trips. The world is ready for us. Let’s jump on in!

Best Travel Planning Apps 2021


If you haven’t used Airbnb, I highly recommend you try it out. The app helps your find affordable places to stay in your desired destination. I’ve used this app several times and found some fabulous stays. If you want to feel more like a local than a tourist, Airbnb is your best bet. Last year I booked a downtown two-bedroom loft in Dallas for $89 bucks a night! What a deal! I would have paid at least $120 a night for a hotel in Downtown Dallas. Click here to see How to Spend A Weekend In Dallas.

Best travel apps

Hotel Tonight 

If you are more of a hotel type of traveler, this app might be your new best friend. I usually use Hotel Tonight when I want to be spontaneous and book a nice affordable hotel. How it works, Hotels send all of the unbooked hotel rooms from the day to the app at a more affordable rate, which is why I would only recommend using this app for impromptu travel. 

Best Travel Apps


I found this app a few years ago and fell in love. The Hopper app is a great travel assistant for flights and hotels. Basically, when you search your destination, it tells you when is the best time to travel and book. Let’s say if you want to travel from Thursday to Sunday, it might suggest leaving on Wednesday so you can save $100 bucks. If you aren’t ready to book, the app allows you to freeze the rate for a small fee. Highly recommended!

Best Travel Apps


After you book your destination, it’s time to plan out your itinerary. Tripadvisor is beneficial with fun activities and food recommendations for your trip. They have unlimited reviews so that you can read other travelers’ experiences before booking. I would also take some of the reviews with a grain of salt. Just because they had a bad experience doesn’t mean you will. I would only watch out if you see the same reviews multiple times, then it might be true. I highly recommend having this app on your phone while you’re traveling. It’s like having a concierge on your phone. 

Best travel apps

Travel bank

When traveling, the spending can get out of hand if you don’t have a budget. Travel Bank is a great app that will help you track your spending. It’s your personal travel accountant who is helping you track your expenses on the go. I love that you can set how much you want to spend on your trip and the app lets you know your remaining balance. This app is mainly for budget travelers, so if you have money to blow. Spend that Sh*t! Haha 

best travel apps


Traveling with friends? We have all been there; when you’re out eating or have to split a transportation fare, someone has to come out of pocket. Splitwise allows you to add in all of your travel buddies so you can split travel expenses in real-time. No more asking, “how much do I need to Venmo you?” Or the awkward “Can you send me the money for the room?”. The app keeps track of everything, and you can make the expenses as settled or not paid. This makes traveling with friends less exhausting, and you don’t have to feel like you spent all of your personal travel budget.

best travel apps

In conclusion, traveling should always be a fun, carefree experience. We all need a little help in some departments, so I know for a fact that you will benefit from at least one of these apps. I personally use them all while traveling, so I hope this helps you out. Until next time! Happy Traveling! 

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Xo DeAndra Jalisa 

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