16 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care

By DeAndra Jalisa

June 24, 2020

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How have you been feeling lately? No, seriously, how do you feel at this very moment? Did you do a self-check-in today? Did you do something that makes YOU happy? If not, let’s start now, building a self-care routine is essential to living your life with confidence and peace. Self-Care encourages you to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself. Maintaining an internal relationship with YOU will help with your personal and professional relationships as well.

We live in a time where we are moving a million miles per minute, taking care of our families, home, and busy works schedules. Our lives can be quite exhausting, which doesn’t leave time for yourself. Even though we are still in quarantine, some of us are working from home. I feel like there is always something we need to accomplish. With that being said we need to take time to remember that our body and mind are important. How would we be able to live life without our mind and body? Creating space to practice self-care is extremely beneficial for a healthy balanced life. 

self-care | DeAndra Jalisa

If you don’t have a routine or don’t know where to start I am here to help you. I want you to be happy, I want you to be confident with your day to day task and live a peaceful life — because you are AMAZING! So treat yourself to at least 5-10 mins of self-care a day. Here are my 10 Simple Ways to Practice Self Care. 

Tip #1: Be Kind to yourself 

It takes less than a minute to be kind to yourself. Tell yourself something sweet, make yourself smile. Look in the mirror and own it, say “Damn you look good” and walk out with confidence. 

Tip #2: Drink Water 

Make sure you drink your water every day, I’m a stickler for carrying a cantine of water around where ever I go. Staying hydrated keeps your focus and does the body good. Water can be boring, add some flavor, and get a quick detox. Ingredients — Water, Lime, and Mint! So refreshing!

Tip #3: Exercise

1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and get them sit-ups right and, Tuck your tummy tight and do your crunches… you get where I’m going with this. Get your ass up and get a quick workout in, all you need is 20-30 mins. Find a time to squeeze it in. NO EXCUSES

Tip #4: Treat yourself to something new because you love yourself.

Did you see a pair of shoes you couldn’t resist? Buy them! We deserve to treat ourselves to something every now and again. Just make sure it’s a GOOD purchase and within budget so you won’t regret it the next day. I went to Niketown and found these cute shoes, extremely happy with my purchase.

Click the link to check them out! NikeNike React Infinity Run Flyknit

DeAndra Jalisa

Tip #5: Set Healthy Boundaries 

Setting healthy boundaries is a great form of Self Care. Don’t go around letting people treat you any kind of way. If you ever feel like you aren’t getting the treatment you deserve, speak up, and let the person know. If you don’t want to deal with them, don’t hesitate to walk away from a situation. YOU will thank yourself later. 

Tip #6: Spend Time with people who enrich you life 

Find people who make you happy, and encourage you to be great. This is the kind of energy you need in your life to succeed. Cling to positive energy and good vibes, your soul will be so grateful. 

Tip #7: Fuel your body with healthy foods

Find healthy fruits and vegetables that you enjoy. Creating balanced meals helps you keep your body on point and it helps your brain so you think on your feet and move through life effortlessly. 

Tip #8: Read a Book 

Sometimes it’s nice to just chill at home, light a candle, and read your favorite book. Escape the drama of the world and bury yourself in a novel that makes you feel good. 

Tip #9: Practice Deep Breathing and Meditate

Mediating can be so liberating, taking deep breaths and feeling every inch of your body is so satisfying. All you need is 10 mins a day. 

Tip #10: Treat yourself to a Massage 

The massage parlors are back in business. Find your local massage place on yelp and get that deep tissue massage you’ve been talking about for months. 

Tip #11: De-clutter your house 

De-clutter my house? I’ll do it next week… No, how about now, I feel like when it comes to de-cluttering our homes we always put it off. BUT once you do it, you will feel accomplished and rejuvenated and wonder why you put it off for so long.

Tip# 12: Practice Gratitude 

Take the time to express what you are grateful for every day. Being grateful to be alive every day is a gift. It takes a few seconds to express what you are thankful for. 

Tip #13: Try something new 

Want to learn how to surf or make an extremely difficult meal? Try it! It doesn’t hurt to try something new, you gain new experiences and you might find something you are actually really good at. 

Tip #14: Listen to music 

Listening to music is one of the best parts of my day. My mind escapes through my headset and I feel free. Make a bomb playlist and feel the vibes.

Tip #15: Take a Relaxing Bath

Buy some new bath bombs from Lush and light a candle. Setting the mood and taking the time to enjoy yourself in a nice hot bath is #selfcaregoals.

Tip #16: Create or Design something from the heart.  

Pick up that pencil and draw, buy a paintbrush and canvas to paint, jump on the computer, and create something amazing. Creating masterpieces is something that no one can take from you. Create something that comes from the heart and it will last forever because YOU put it here. 

Do things that make you happy, be free, and don’t overthink them. Creating a Self-Care routine will make you feel empowered, I promise you can do anything you put your mind to.

xo DeAndra

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