5 Easy Tips for Working from Home

By DeAndra Jalisa

May 14, 2020

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Working from home can be a blessing and a curse, We have the option to wake up work in our pajamas, take unnecessary breaks because we can, never have to sit in hour traffic to get to work. It sounds like a dream but it could also cause you to lose momentum with your day-to-day task. If you follow these steps below, I can ensure you will have a more productive day and feel accomplished right in the comfort of your own home. Here are my 5 easy tips for working from home.

Tip #1: Create a routine – Schedule for Morning/Night

Having a daily routine is essential when you are trying to have a productive day. If you wake up, sit up, with the computer in your lap (I’ve done this a few times) — QUIT IT. It’s lazy lol

At least get up and move 3 to 5 feet from your bed, if you don’t have a desk in your room, move to the living room or your designated work area.


  • Wake up – I use the Fabulous app to wake me up every morning
  • Brush my teeth
  • Make my bed
  • Meditate – There are so many meditation podcasts on Spotify and iTunes. I suggest searching for something that makes you feel good.
  • Make Breakfast – Get your Proteins, Carbs, and fruits/veggies.
  • Listen to a podcast that inspires you.

Get your workday in and take a few breaks in between!


  • Workout
  • Read a book – put your phone away
  • Catch up on some shows
  • Self care
  • Talk to a good friend/family member
work from home

Tip #2: Plan your meals

Meal planning helps you keep a healthy balanced diet without eating out every day. I know it’s hard sometimes, but if you plan it out and have healthy options to choose from, it will get more comfortable with time.

Also, pre-planning your meals for the week is the foundation for a good grocery list. So you know what you need to stay on track.

Tip #3: Schedule your days

Using an app or to-do list is essential for having a productive workday at home. It keeps you on point, so you don’t miss a beat. I also have a calendar in my room to help me see my month right in front of me. Below are a few tips I use to help me with scheduling.

  • Trello – To-do list app/mood board – great for creatives, keeps you organized, and you can create as many boards as you need to succeed.
  • Notes/Reminders – Yes, the app in your iPhone, you can create to-do list and reminders so you can keep track of your day
  • iCalendar – Yes, another app on your phone helps you make accurate plans, and you can put specific notes on each day. I use this for my business when I book clients. I know the time, date, and specifics for each client, and I can send a calendar invite to my team, so we are all on board.
  • Printable Daily & Weekly Calendar – Printable calendars are awesome because you can actually write everything down. I feel like when you write things down you take it more seriously.
work from home

Tip #4: Exercise – Get Active

Try to schedule at least 20-30 minutes of exercise per day; working from home causes us to sit a lot during the day. When we sit for long periods, it’s not healthy for our bodies. We need to get up and walk around — move those legs. Even if you have to schedule a little walk or stretch every 2-3 hours, it does the body good.

Every day I either find a workout routine on YouTube, follow workouts in my Fitplan app, which is pretty amazing, but it’s $99 a year, or support my sister’s free virtual exercise class Mon-Fri at 12:30 pm — @trapbootcamp. Just see what works best within your schedule so you can stay fit and in shape. Once the gyms open back up, I will alter my days accordingly. 

work from home

Tip #5: Self Care

Last but not least, this is so important, so often we tend to forget to take care of ourselves. SELF CARE! We need it! When working, we tend to neglect our own needs to fulfill the needs of others. Yes, we need to make sure everyone is happy, but we also need to make sure we are happy as well. If you want some self-care practices, check out my blog post on – 16 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care. Here are a few Self Care tips you can use on a daily.

  • Listen to music or a podcast – listen to something that puts you in a good mood, makes you feel good about yourself. I listen to SADE now, and then, her music gives me all the feels. Or I listen to one my favorite podcast – Come Thru podcast (one of my good friends started this podcast with her friend, it’s dope! They talk about music, hip hop culture, sports, fashion chasing dreams, and all the BS in between.
  • Watch something easy-going – watch something where you don’t have to overthink. One of my favorite things to watch is HGTV, I sit and watch show after show, and it makes me feel good. I love looking at all of the renovations; it’s so satisfying.
  • Read a book – reading is such a refreshing thing to do; it makes you escape the real world and dive into something that makes you feel some type of way. Right now, I’m reading; The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein. It’s about letting the universe take the wheel and the law of attraction, great read.
  • Start a skincare routine – taking care of our skin is essential; it’s the first thing people see when they meet us. Making sure you drink lots of water and keep your face moisturized it gives you confidence and makes you feel amazing.

This is just to name a few, there are so many self-care ideas out there. Just find what works best for your lifestyle.

xo DeAndra Jalisa

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