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By DeAndra Jalisa

May 24, 2020

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When it comes to the topic of natural hygiene products, you get so many eyebrows raised. Trust me, two years ago this was a tricky topic for me because I like to stick to what I know. However, I do want to avoid chemical and animal-tested products as much as I can. I tried so many different kinds of toothpaste, deodorants, fragrances — wasting so much money because they didn’t end up working for me. Making it extremely hard to up my self-care game, because if you smell good you feel good.

After doing some research on natural products, I actually came across a few that I NOW can’t live without. These are the top 3 natural hygiene products I use daily. I highly recommend trying these while we are in quarantine, to see if your body and the product work together, it never hurts to try something new!

Product #1: Crystal Active Deodorant

Now let’s dive into my most favorite product on earth — Crystal Active Natural Deodorant. I honestly can’t live without this product, I was on the hunt for years looking for a natural deodorant. I feel like I tried everything under the sun, some deodorants lasted for a few hours while others worked well for a week and then my body got used to it and it stopped working. UGH, it was so frustrating until I came across the love of my life!

Crystal Active is no joke one of the best natural deodorants on the shelf. It’s an all-natural crystal that doesn’t give up on you! Literally no odor after 24 hours, it’s kinda magical and I only use it once a day! For use, all you have to do is run water over the crystal and apply – That’s IT! Trust me you will thank me later!

Product #2: Skylar Fragrances

The next product I want to recommend is Skylar Fragrances! This product is all Natural, Hyperalligenic, and Cruelty-free! OMG, all of their fragrances smell amazing, and the cool thing is you can order the scent box and try them all out to see what works best for you. Another fun fact about their fragrances is you can mix and match to create new scents. I came across the CAPRI fragrance, and that’s what I stick to, its literally my favorite, and it lasts all day. If you love subtle sweet scents, I would suggest Capri in a heartbeat. I was looking for an all-natural fragrance because chemical-based perfumes break me out. I’m so happy I found Skylar! I get so many compliments on my scent, I’m definitely a lifer.

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Natural Hygiene Products | DeAndra Jalisa

Product #3: hello Oral Care

Last but not least, hello Toothpaste and products! I love hello Products, they are all-natural and still leave you with fresh breath. I use the Natural Peppermint with Tea Tree & Coconut Oil and the Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste. I have both because I feel like they fulfill my needs in different ways. The Natural Peppermint is your basic toothpaste but without chemicals and the Charcoal toothpaste makes your teeth whiter (you start to see a difference in about 2 weeks of consistent use). I only use the Charcoal toothpaste three days out the week now because it doesn’t have the paste texture I’m used to. In all both products are great and I highly recommend them for your everyday oral hygiene.

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