6 Must-Have Apps for Small Businesses

July 31, 2020

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When it comes to running a small business, there could be a lot of frustrations if you’re wearing all of the hats. One day you’re the accountant, and the next day you’re the creative director, the list goes on. We have a lot of ish to do and not enough time in the day. There are so many apps out there that will help you with your marketing, project activity schedules, and more. But finding the right apps for small businesses could be hard, but I’m here to help you!

I’ve used several apps and websites to help me through my business journey. But it took time to figure out which apps worked for me, each app I use plays a specific role in my business. I can’t keep track of everything in my head, and I can’t afford an administrative assistant, so APPS it is! These are my Top 6 must-have apps that every entrepreneur should have for small businesses.


Must-have app #1: Quickbooks

I highly recommend QuickBooks for accounting within small businesses. This app has so many resources to keep organized and on point for when tax season arrives. Quickbooks is an amazing tool because you can connect it with your bank account, and it will keep track of all of the incoming and outgoing transactions. All of the transactions combine into a folder, and you can label each of them as personal, business, or taxable. Making money can be easy but trying to figure out where it’s all going is the hard part. I highly recommend this app for your day-to-day accounting needs.

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Marketing and Promo

Must-have app #2: Flodesk

When I started my blogging career, I came across this beautiful email and marketing tool called Flodesk. I’ve used a few other email providers like Mailchimp and Convertkit, but I didn’t like the aesthetic of their promotional materials. Flodesk has beautiful email templates and landing pages that are pre-made for you to use at your disposal. Also, connecting to your web hosting provider is a breeze. Trust me; you won’t regret using this marketing tool for small businesses; your audience will thank you!

Receive 50% off of your subscription to get Flodesk for $19/month for life.


Must-have app #3: Canva

Where do I even start? I love Canva!! This app has changed the game for my business. I can create amazing Ads, Pinterest pins, Graphics, Ebooks, Invitations, and more. It can get expensive, pay someone to make your marketing materials if you want high-quality content. But with Canva, you have everything you need right at your fingertips. They provide pre-made templates, and you can let your creativity flourish. Also, if you want to branch out and make custom templates, you have the resources to do so. I have the paid version because I wanted the Branding Kit to keep my logos, text, and branding colors consistent. But don’t get me wrong, the FREE version does the job too!

Design & Marketing Assistance

Must-have app #4: Fiverr

Fiverr – So let’s say you aren’t a creative person when it comes to designing marketing materials or other content. There is a platform called Fiverr, which has a vast selection of creatives who can help you with all of your design needs. Also, the pricing is extremely affordable; they have graphic designers providing designs as low as $5. I would probably pay a little more but, whatever fits in your budget. Remember, you get what you pay for. I have had a few nice logos designed through Fiverr, I even had someone assist me with optimizing my SEO on one of my business websites. Honestly, if there is a service you need help with Fiverr takes the cake.

Client Relationship Management

Must-have app #5: Honeybook

If you are looking for a better way to communicate and send invoices to your clients, Honeybook will be your best friend. Honeybook helps you manage your workflow, invoicing, meeting schedules, emails, and more. Honeybook is one of my favorite apps, as I get instant notifications when clients inquire and pay payments. Trust me, Honeybook will be a game-changer for your business.

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Must-have app #6: Notion

Do you have multiple to-do lists on your phone or in notepads all over your desk? Let me stop you here! I use Notion for literally everything within my business. This platform helps you stay organized, so you never miss a beat. I have spreadsheets for content calendars, budgets, itineraries, and more. The app is free; you can create as many spreadsheets as you desire. If you are creative, you can create unique content calendars with images and collaborate with others on your team. It’s a great app to have on your phone to keep all of your thoughts in one place.

Other Favs

Airtable – Notion is an excellent platform for anyone who wants to be organized and productive. It’s user-friendly and has a ton of features that can help you get work done. I highly recommend it for students, professionals, and busy people who want to be more efficient.

Dropbox – Easy way to keep your documents in one place and create shareable files for your team and clients. Phone scanning feature available.

Linktree – Create a link page for your Instagram bio, so your followers can keep up with all of your fresh new content.

Later – Plan out your social media content like a boss!

Square – Receive payments from your clients in the palm of your hand.

Welp! That’s all for now, I hope these apps help you excel in your business.

Check out my youtube for more Apps For Small Business Owners.

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