How To Brand Your Business In 5 Simple Steps

By DeAndra Jalisa

June 4, 2021

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When it comes down to branding your business, it’s more than creating a beautiful website or logo. You have to dig deep and understand your mission and how you want your business to be perceived. This is your reputation, and BRANDING is a HUGE component within any business. I remember taking weeks to figure out the branding details for my business. After brainstorming for which felt like forever, I felt like my business could finally stand on its own from a branding standpoint. If you are in the Branding phase of your business, I know this post will guide you in the right direction. Let’s get started!

What is Branding?

Branding is the way your customers identify your business. Everything you do within the branding process is a reflection of your business. A strong brand is more than a pretty logo. Branding actually goes down to the style of your products, colors, visual content, and marketing materials. Everything has to be cohesive to form a strong brand.

#1. Finding your brand message

Years from now, how would you want your customers to tell others about your business. Finding your brand message is important. What do you want to be known for? What is your legacy? Take the time to analyze your company message so that your customers know who you are no matter what service or product you provide.

#2. Create a Logo and Tagline

Obviously, this is the fun part, but it also shouldn’t be taken lightly. Deciding on a logo can be hard because there can be so many options. If you can’t make a logo on your own, FIVERR has so many designers who can help you with this part at an affordable rate. (I know it can get pricy starting a business). Make sure that your message shines through your logo and place that Sh*t everywhere.

Now on to taglines, these are catchy and memorable phrases you can create to increase your brand’s awareness. Suppose you don’t have a tagline when you start your business. It’s fine! Maybe something will come up later. So I wouldn’t stress this part as much.

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#3. Creating a voice for your business that reflects your brand

The voice of your company reflects the personality of your business. Are you going to be professional in all aspects of your writing, communication, and visual content? Or are you going to go off-grid and add a little spunk? For example, some businesses use Sh*t or F*CK in their taglines to add some shock value. This doesn’t work with every business, but try it if you want to have a little fun. (I do it! lol) Once you gain clarity of the voice of your business, you will have a better understanding of how you want your business to be reflected.

#4. Form marketing materials and templates

I actually loved this part of branding my business. Do you know why? One Word CANVA! Canva is the ultimate platform that helps you create all of your marketing materials. If you get Canva PRO, you can design a workspace with all of your colors, fonts and logos so you can stay consistent with all of your marketing materials. Making sure everything is cohesive speaks volumes to your customers. Also, It shows you care and place a high value on detail.

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#5. Be Consistent With Your Brand

I’ve said this a million times; STAY CONSISTENT! Point blank, period, your business is your baby, and you want it to grow and shine bright like a Diamond. By staying consistent with your brand mission, colors, fonts, and details. In which, you’re guaranteed to have a successful brand and business.

In conclusion, branding is a staple within all businesses. Make sure your brand is well thought out and because it will take you far. Then, when someone sees your logo or colors, they can advocate for your brand because all of the hard work and dedication you put behind it shows. I hope this post gave you a better insight into branding.

If you’re just starting your business check out my blog on Things To Know Before Starting A Business.

Happy Branding Creatives!

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